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Tsanchiifin Walk Fieldguide

Tsanchiifin Walk runs through the area shown above, located at the corner of 11th Ave and Danebo Street in Eugene, Oregon.

11th Ave runs east-west long the bottom of the picture and Danebo St.runs north-south to the right of center. The white diagonal path is a bike path along Amazon Creek, a major drainage of these wetlands. Tsanchiifin Walk runs in a loop to the north of the creek.


The Tsanchiifin Walk is part of the West Eugene Wetlands Project in Eugene, Oregon. These unique wetlands represent part of the remaining 1% of the wet prairie biome that once covered much of the Willamette Valley in west central Oregon.

This Fieldguide exists to help teachers, students, and the general public can learn about the wetlands of Oregon and so help preserve them.

Work on the Fieldguide has just begun and the website is largely still under construction. Eventually the site will also contain these sections:

Interactive overview and detail maps of the Balboa site.
A searchable database of images taken throughout the site and repeated every month.
Hyperlinked information about the plants and animals found at the site, background information about wetlands, and overviews of the history of the site
Activities and projects for people visiting the Balboa Trail, both in person and virtually, and lesson plans for teachers.
Help in getting the most out of the fieldguide.
Powerful search tools for finding just the information you need.


search     help     learning center    information center     photographs     maps      tsanchiifin

For more information, please contact

The Digital Fieldwork Project
Mark Horney, Ph.D.
Center for Advanced Technology in Education,
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403

Last Updated: September 10, 2002